About Us

Magic Wand Formals is owned and operated by Valerie Cook

What started off as simply a large collection of formal wear became an opportunity to provide anyone with the perfect dress or suit for any occasion. I believe that everyone deserves one day of feeling like a prince or princess, without the worry of expense or maintenance of formal wear,

Services and Products

The entire collection of formal wear is made up of cleaned-between "rentals" that are professionally maintained. Any and all alterations are made by myself, and are made to be temporary so that the garment may be re-used.

We also offer alterations on garments you already own, as well as military and first responder alterations. I have over 35 years of sewing experience, and formerly owned a custom sewing and alterations store (Sew Fun) in Indiana before moving to North Carolina-where I am now based out of.

Contact us for your no-obligation, free consultation

Although we are based out of North Carolina, we are more than willing to  arrange shipping so that you can still get your formal wear!